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Favourite ZUU Move:


Kick Sits - wonderful for hip and spine mobility, also when performed with more intensity it’ll chop your breathing rhythm in half very quickly. No better Top end conditioning with this low impact movement. 


Favourite ZUU jam to train to: Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers


I’m a passionate Dad of 3 boys and when I’m not on the ZUU FIT turf ripping into a ZUU drill with the crew, you’ll find me pouring all of my energy and focus onto my kids. 


I have 20+ years experience in the fitness, health and wellbeing industry... I bring a wealth of knowledge to our members and team around different training modalities and how ZUU is used to compliment them. When I opened ZUU FIT Gloucester in 2018 I created a space where we could train hard with total passion, commitment, no egos, with people as our main focus, driven by our inclusive ZUU culture. Our philosophy is “Inspire one, inspire many”.

Name: Chris Bradley -  Nick Name: Bradders

Name: Chris Bradley 

Nick Name: Bradders

Favourite ZUU Move:


Bear Crawls, there are many ZUU movements I love to do so I can’t really say I have a favourite. But bears are amazing for a full body fire up.


Favourite ZUU jam to train to: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Can’t Stop


I am an Ex Professional rugby player of 15 years. I’m Passionate about holistic health, Building a strong mind as well as a strong body and immune system. I have a Deep understanding in how to programme sessions and how to hit different energy systems. 


Sessions with me are aimed to push people to lift heavy with the weights and move fast with ZUU, while holding standards high with every rep and movement. But amongst the grind we do it with a smile on our faces and a little dance/boogie during rest periods. Good music on full blast and good vibes flowing for the full hour of training. Iron ZUU  is where I have grown the most as a coach and I love the freedom Chris has given me to run with my sessions.

Name: Darren Dawidiuk  -  Nick Name: Dukey

Name: Darren Dawidiuk 

Nick Name: Dukey

Favourite move:


Gorillas – I love how simple the movement is, but also how it challenges every aspect of the body, particularly the cardio fitness. It is a movement for everyone no matter where you are on your fitness journey and I have loved seeing my own progress alongside all the other members as we get quicker and stronger. 


Favourite ZUU jam to train to: Desire – Sub focus, Dimension. 


I started my fitness journey during my time at school to aid my progress in hockey. I have played competitively since the age of 11, playing for Gloucester City, the University of Plymouth and representing the county of Gloucestershire. 


At the age of 18 I was introduced to ZUU FIT and since then I have never looked back. I love this type of training and have found huge benefits both physically and mentally but more importantly I love the ZUU community and training with people of all ages and all abilities. I am so thankful for Chris and the members for inspiring me to complete my fitness qualifications as I am very passionate about health and fitness but also helping others with their own fitness journey and seeing them succeed. 

Name: Chloe Bradley -  Nick Name: Chlo

Name: Chloe Bradley

Nick Name: Chlo

Fav ZUU move/moves: 

Bear Crawls & Gorillas. Without doubt both awesome for full body mobilisation and developing high end cardio.


Fav Zuu Jam: Some Kinda Rush (Booty Luv)


I’ve been a ZUU junkie for over 6 years. When you are hooked there’s no going back. I love everything it stands for the culture and “People before Fitness” No room for Big Egos. 


I love ANKORR too this was developed to make ZUU more difficult and believe me it does. I’ve been training and teaching with the ANKORR for around 5 years and it has become my speciality. 


I am a Level 3 Diploma Personal Trainer, ZUU Silver and Bronze Certified Partner, ANKORR Certified Trainer and Tytan Belt Trainer.


I’m very much a people person and love engaging with everyone at the gym. I’m a family man and a big believer in the importance Family inclusion in the fitness industry. 

Name: Mike Burrows -  Nick Name: Magic Mike

Name: Mike Burrows

Nick Name: Magic Mike