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what to expect?

The great thing about all of our group training and online sessions is that all of the movements can be fully regressed (as well as fully progressed) to help individuals find the right entry point for each movement. You’ll find no egos here, just a vibrant bunch of people who will want to support you and want you to do as well as you want to do. You’ll soon have life long new friends and be a member of our ZUU FIT FAMILY. 


ZUU is a Global Fitness Phenomenon of Bodyweight Training that is Low Impact. Created in Australia by Nathan Helberg over a decade ago for Elite Sports and Armed Forces, the ZUU system is now used in over 68 Countries and growing! 


The IRON ZUU classes are programmed cycling a three month protocol. We use time proven techniques ensuring maximum results for building muscle and strength while keeping you mobile.

ZUU Family

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